A Kick in the Right Direction

Hello, everyone!  I will be moving to South Korea in less than a month, and am exited to take you on the journey.  It has been a long and sometimes confusing journey. For more of my story, go to the About page.

For anyone else planning to go to South Korea, or teach with EPIK, here are some helpful links:

Eat Your Kimchi

A general resource for K pop and Korean culture.  Simon and Martina’s TLDR videos are especially helpful.  And the food videos. Because who can resist food?

Shimmering Seoul’s EPIK Posts

Her posts on the EPIK application process are very organized.  I used them as a guideline when preparing paperwork.

Waegukin: Living and teaching in Korea

A great perspective on life in Korea as an English teacher.

Talk to Me in Korean

So far, this is the best Korean language learning site I have come across.  The pdf’s and podcasts introduce grammar and vocabulary in small doses.

I’ll update the list as I think of more.  The expat community is full of wonderful resources, and I’d love to share more with you.



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