My School

Since Wednesday of last week, I have been working at Seongnam Global Elementary School in Daegu.  It’s a very beautiful campus. 


IMG_0512 IMG_0513



There are cute animal statues outside of my school.  You are not supposed to climb up on them, but I’ve seen a few kids try! 


I’m not sure who these two are.  My Korean is way too rudimentary right now for my to figure out plaques.




The school yard is also very nice.  There is a walking path around the field.  I’ve seen ajummas(older married women) using it for exercise after school.


Right now, it feels a little overwhelming; but I’m sure I’ll have the layout memorized by the end of the month. That, or I’ll be hopelessly lost every day!

IMG_0613I also had my first school lunch-duck, bean sprouts, soup, and rice.  I’d never tried duck before, and was pleasantly surprised.  I thought it was beef, but a tad sweeter.  I haven’t been able to cook yet, so the one well rounded meal in the day is much appreciated.  Maybe I will buy myself some rice, kimchi, and gochu jang  to cook Korean style.  As with any big move, I’m figuring out what I need.  Food is one of those things that is a little difficult to navigate right now.  I’m living off yogurt, corn flakes, and wheat noodles right now.  Healthy, I know.

I am teaching 4th and 5th grade, but there’s more!  I also teach advertising club in English once a week, and an adult English class once a week.  The other Native English Teacher and I do two co-co-teaching classes a month on top of that(confusing, I know).  Not only that, every morning I read to first or second grade for ten to fifteen minutes; and at lunch, I go play English games with a 4th grade class.  I don’t know if it is the Korean government or Daegu, but one of these offices has asked the schools to use their NET’s as much as possible.  My school is definitely doing that.  It’s funny, because I saw lots of videos about how much time I would have in between classes, and how board I would be desk warming.  FYI, desk warming is when you sit at your desk with nothing to do, because your contract says you have to be at school for a certain number of days.  Ha ha! Not here.

Really, I’m not complaining. I came here to teach, and that is what I will do.  As with any other job, there is a learning period. Whether the job incorporates a training period or not, every new employee has to get the hang of things.

More on teaching later.  I am happy with the campus, my coworkers, and the school lunches! Now, I need to work on the teaching aspect.


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