Etude House BB Cream

Oh, Korean make up, where have you been all of my life? I finally ran out of my American BB cream yesterday, and had to buy some more. I was pretty eager to try out Korean BB cream, because I’d heard so many great things about it.


I went to the local HomePlus to buy it. HomePlus is a large department store in Korea. There everywhere. You can buy groceries, furniture, electronics, and clothing. It’s almost like a Costco, but with smaller portion sizes.

The cosmetics area is divided by brand, with a different employee manning each section. For instance, I cannot buy my Skinfood with my Etude house items. You have to purchase make two separate purchases from two different counters.

I went to the Etude house area, because I’m familiar with the brand. And it’s cute. Yes, I make decisions based on design. I’m unashamed!


The woman working at the counter was hovering a bit. I think they are supposed to assist you, but the language barrier can be a little hard to cross. I tested out a couple of the sample colors till I found one the matched my skin pretty well. I was able to ask if they had the sample shade available, and she brought my BB Cream to the cute, pink counter. Everything Etude House is pink. Everything!


The great thing about Korean cosmetics is that they always give you a bunch of free samples when you buy something. My purchase came with two samples each of ‘Milky You’ cleansing foam, and ‘True Art’ cleansing oil. There was also a little pack of collagen emulsion and lotion.


I lugged it all back home to try it out. It takes a lot less Korean BB Cream for full coverage than the American stuff. In fact, I was really impressed how well it worked. It doesn’t match perfectly when you put it on, but it oxidizes to match your skin tone.

My American BB cream has been slipping off my face ever since I arrived in Korea. All of this humidity and heat is making me sweat bullets. One of the first things I noticed about the Etude House BB cream is how well it stays on my face. It’s much drier than the American stuff, and I’m perfectly happy with that. It doesn’t dry out your skin, and you can barely feel it.

Reading the package, this stuff has ground pearls in it. I’ve got pearls on my face! I’m excited.

The samples were also great. I tried out both the foam and the oil. The foam was best to clean my entire face, but I really like the oil for the area around my eyes. Once I get payed, I may go on a cosmetics shopping spree.

I highly recommend this stuff if you can get your hands on it. I really wish they had this available in the states. I’m going to miss it when I get back home.


One thought on “Etude House BB Cream

  1. Looks like you will have to bring a supply of this BB cream back with you to the States when you come back! So much to learn about, and enjoy new surprises!


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