One Month Anniversary

I have officially been here one month.  It’s a little bittersweet, because I hadn’t really been homesick until I noticed the one month marker had passed.  Actually, I may have been homesick without realizing it.  I’ve been showing photos of New Mexico to my coworkers, and mentioning it at odd times.  

It hit me at the oddest moment too.  I was cutting onions, and tearing up from that.  At some point, my single eye tearing up turned into real tears.  It’s strange, because I’ve really been enjoying my time here in Korea!  I have nothing to complain about.  Sometimes, you can’t draw a logical conclusion when it comes to emotions.  Arghh!! Enough with sadness.  I want to explore, and be happy.


So, this is my farewell letter to New Mexico(at least for now), and my official greetings to Korea.  


Good bye, New Mexico. I’ll miss those wonderful skies that have yet to be matched. Seriously, just look up in Albuquerque to have your breath taken away.  

Good bye to those quiet moments that I savor the most.  Walking along the Bosque, and drinking coffee at Satellite are two of my favorite Albuquerque activities. 

Goodbye to the oddballs, and eccentrics that make Albuquerque so wonderful.  You guys make Albuquerque interesting.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And lastly, good bye to the food!  I haven’t been craving greasy food, or cheese.  Instead, I miss red and green chile!  Korea has gochujang sauce, which helps a lot.  I can’t imagine living in a country with non-spicy food(I don’t want to say bland, because there are many other delicious flavors).


Hello, Korea.  I love your food!  Even my school lunches are excellent.  As I wrote, gochujang sauce makes everything better.  You can even use it as salad dressing!  I find that I am eating a lot healthier here(at least when I cook for myself). It’s not that junk food is unavailable here. There’s plenty to be had. The difference is that healthy ingredients are cheaper here. I’ve been cooking so much tofu! Honestly, I haven’t bought any meat at the grocery store.

Hello to cheap public transportation that is available everywhere. Need to take a bus to the next stop? 1,100 Won. Need to take the subway to the other side of town? 1,100 Won. It’s soo much cheaper to travel here. Even a taxi ride back home from downtown is only 5,000 Won. Taxis back home are way more expensive, and they certainly aren’t as commonplace. The KTX is probably the most expensive form of transportation. It’s around 40,000 won for a one way ticket to Seoul from Daegu. That’s still not too bad when you consider it will take you two hours to get there. The bus is about half the price and twice as much to time to get to Seoul.

Hello to a cafe on literally ever street! I could get used to this. Koreans love their coffee, and it shows. The cafes are really cute, and all of them have wifi. I’ll have to do a post later about the different caffeinated options available.

Hello to all of the fashion conscious people. I love clothing, and wish I could dress half as snazzy as the people I see on the street. Not everyone is dressed like a supermodel, but there are more people that are put together than I am used to. I’m planning to buy a sewing machine once I get payed, and I will be having a lot of fun designing my own clothing. People dress a lot more subdued here than me, but I’m already an oddity. I’m okay with sticking out a bit more.

And finally, hello to an entire country that I can explore in a year. Korea is about the size of Indiana state. You can visit all of the best spots in a year. There is still more to explore, but it’s not like making the goal of visiting every US state in a year. Now that would be expensive.

Korea has so much available, from urban to outdoor. There is a mountain about half an hour’s walk right outside my apartment door. And on the other side, a major downtown with plenty of shopping. This is going to be an eventful year! Fighting!, as the Koreans say.


One thought on “One Month Anniversary

  1. Meg, NM still be here when you come to visit. There is no need to say good-bye. The first year tends to be difficult, people usually take two year to decide to move back or stay in the new country. I guess you will not have to decide it. Be well and enjoy the food! 🙂


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