2016: The Year of the Gambler

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Hatch, New Mexico, from my summer vacation. No, it has nothing to do with New Years, but it is interesting!

Hello everyone! ¬†Happy New Year! Are you happy with the path 2015 has led? I have mixed feelings about the place I am at right now, but no regrets! No matter how many times you replay situations or conversations in your mind, it won’t change the way they played out in reality. Better to look at what you can do with the present.

I have a few goals for 2016, but many of them rely on other people’s decisions. My life could lead in many different places, which is why I’m calling it ‘The Year of the Gambler’. I’m playing several games of chance at once, and I can’t say where they will lead. No matter where they go, I must look at them positively. Continue reading