2016: The Year of the Gambler

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Hatch, New Mexico, from my summer vacation. No, it has nothing to do with New Years, but it is interesting!

Hello everyone!  Happy New Year! Are you happy with the path 2015 has led? I have mixed feelings about the place I am at right now, but no regrets! No matter how many times you replay situations or conversations in your mind, it won’t change the way they played out in reality. Better to look at what you can do with the present.

I have a few goals for 2016, but many of them rely on other people’s decisions. My life could lead in many different places, which is why I’m calling it ‘The Year of the Gambler’. I’m playing several games of chance at once, and I can’t say where they will lead. No matter where they go, I must look at them positively.

Resolutions may not come to fruition often, but they are a positive way to start the new year. I’d rather look up than start off on a negative tone.


Practice Gratitude

It’s so easy to become overly negative, and not see the positive aspects of life. This winter has been difficult. As a Western expat living in Asia, Christmas can be a depressing time. It was actually my dad that told me to stop myself when I could see my thoughts going down a dark path and look at what I have instead.

2016 will have both it’s shadows and silver linings. It’s important to embrace the sweet moments rather than the doom and gloom. You never know when it will end, and that’s what makes it so precious.


See Your Goals Through

I have several projects I’ve been sitting on for quite a while. I’ve got an almost finished book manuscript, an illustration business that is barely a twinkle in my eye, and language learning goals that have yet to be met. It’s time to get these projects off the back burner, and get things going!


Forgive Yourself

With that said, I have a tendency to set myself unrealistic goals. Oops!  It’s always been that way.  My family like to remind me of how upset I was at 7 for not mastering roller blading from the start.  What can I say? I have high standards for myself!

The only problem is that this tends to backfire on me, and then I beat myself up emotionally. How could you be such a slacker, going on the Internet, when you should be writing every minute that you are not sleeping or at work?! Why don’t you have a thriving illustration business already, you putz?!

I need to learn to forgive myself. Not let myself off the hook- but allow that if I don’t make my goals, I can modify them.


Be Open to Opportunities

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, but I want to say yes more than I say no in 2016.  I am a lot less afraid to take risks than I was before expat life. Heck, becoming an expat was one of those opportunities!

12211135_10104351500001012_405334652_o copy

Travel More

Finally, I want to see more!  I’m already working towards this goal. I went to Japan in September, and am making plans for more travels. In February, I’ll be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong; and I’m already planning my summer vacation. In between those two big trips, I want to see more of Korea! In keeping with my gratitude goal, it’s important to appreciate my time here. It’s a rare gift, and there is so much beauty in Korea.

I wish you all the best in the upcoming year. See the beauty in every day and embrace what life throws at you.  As they say in Korea, Fighting!



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