Whole30 in Korea: Convenience Stores

I’m sorry to say that most street food is out on the whole30.  Good bye odeng, bungeoppang, and hoddeok.  I’ll miss you!
On the upside, convenience stores are everywhere,  and you can find some whole30 friendly options there.

This is the logo you’re looking for.

Stop in your local CU, 7 11, GS 25, or one of the many other convenience stores in Korea. Seriously, these places are extremely prevalent.


Korea loves it’s hard boiled  and baked eggs. These are eaten in saunas, or jimjilbangs, so there’s a bit of nostalgia attached to it.


Fresh fruits and veggies are a rare find, but keep an eye out. Korea treats tomatoes as a fruit in presentation and preparation, so it may not be in the area you expect.


Water is always acceptable. Also look out for that red and yellow bottle at the end. It’s yerba matte, which is delicious and whole30 acceptable.


If you’re looking for something with a little less caffeine, Koreans drink raisin tea and corn tea. Corn tea is a bit iffy on the whole30, because corn is not acceptable. For an unsweetened drink, it’s fine though.

Stay away from the aloe juice! It is much sweeter than the type I used to drink in the States.


Nuts, dried fruit, and dried….squid? Yes! This smelly snack is very popular here. Just don’t open it around friends.


Hey, if you’re really hungry for protein, buy a can of tuna and dig in! Don’t touch that spam though. There is no way that is a whole food. More of a franken-food.

Again, these are only suggestions for if you want to do the whole3o in Korea. There are many other goodies in the convenience stores here, so take a look!


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