Taipei: MOCA and Miniatures

From the bullet train to Taipei, I had another half day or so in the city. It was Thursday afternoon, and my flight wasn’t until 4 pm on Friday; however, I like to arrive at the airport a few hours early.

Staying at the same capsule hotel as my first visit, I checked in and went about exploring again. I still hadn’t hit my groove solo traveling, so I used Foursquare to find potential sights. The Contemporary Art Museum and the Miniatures Museum came up high on the list. With camera in hand, I legged it over to MOCA.


Notice how this woman perfectly matches both the VW and the shipping container. Fashionista!


This woman just has awesome fashion. That is all.

MOCA is located in the Datong District, which is a hotbed for great art, cafes, and bars. The university nearby creates a vibrant atmosphere, and I really wish there had been more time to explore! This was my favorite location in Taiwan, although there are some other nice university areas as well. It’s always those young folks and their newfangled ideas…



Graffiti money

It was so relaxing to have an excuse to sit and doodle. Most of the university students were also grabbing a pen to scribble something. Many visitors would sit and really enjoy the art exhibits. This isn’t as common in Korea. I do love Korea, but try telling museum visitors they can’t take photos and see what happens.


A collection of printed fabric banners. This was quite imposing, and I hope it left some people thoughtful.



When leaving the dance exhibit, these three figures greet you at the stairwell. I was completely prepared for them to jump out at me. Let’s just say I took those stairs quickly.


The white clothing had been screen printed with patterns from the display, as well as projected onto the exhibit.


Like the contemporary art museum in Seoul, the exhibits encourage interactivity. It’s a great place to visit if your in Taipei and love all that is artsy.

The Miniatures Museum was just a mile away, so it was another short walk for me.


Had to get a shot of this man and his German Shepherds!

Hm, the best I can say about the Miniatures Museum is that it’s freakishly fascinating. It’s in the basement of a large office building, which adds to the oddity. Make your way down the dimly lit stairs, and you’ll think you’ve traveled into the 90’s.  There’s plenty of story potential here, so I wouldn’t say the trip was a waste.

The few families who were also wandering about enjoyed it a great deal. My recommendation is to skip it unless you are five years old. In that case, you’ve hit gold.


Going with the miniatures theme, you can purchase miniature bottles of booze in the souvenir shop.


The cutest exhibit was a recreation of a little Tokyo

After that, it was mainly walking around taking photos. I went back to the night market near my hotel, but nothing caught my eye. I kept walking and found some fun signs.

The next morning was spent dropping off wifi eggs and grabbing breakfast. Around noon, it was time to head to the airport.

Eva Air has completely embraced Hello Kitty and all things pink. There’s even Hello Kitty phone booths!


Hello? Hello Kitty?

I was going to include my adventures in Hong Kong in this post as well, but realised I had too much to say! That will have to be a separate post, or any readers will miss out on all of my psychobabble.


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