Boseong Tea Fields

It’s spring in Korea, which means cherry blossoms are on the trees, and the green tea fields are bright and beautiful. The most well known one in Korea is Boseong Tea Fields!

How to get there from Daegu

There are several direct buses to Boseong, but none of them go from Daegu. Darn.

You can get a direct bus to Boseong from Seoul, Gwangju, Mokpo, Busan, or Suncheon. I would recommend taking the bus to Mokpo, Gwangju, or Suncheon. Busan is also an option, but you’ll be backtracking. I took the bus from Gwangju, which is the route shown here.


Courtesy Rome2Rio


Courtesy Rome2Rio

Go to Seodaegu Station, located at Manpyeon Station on Line 3. The bus terminal is right next to the station. From there, it’s a two and a half hour journey to Gwangju.

In Gwanju, you can buy tickets to Boseong Bus Terminal. From there, you will need to take the ‘Nokcha Bat'(녹차밧)  bus to the fields.  The other option is to take a taxi to the fields, but that will cost you a bit more. If you have a group of four or five people to split the fare with, it will cost the same as the bus.


Waiting for the Nokcha Bat bus in the bright spring sunlight.

What to do

  • Hike the tea fields
  • Try the green tea ice cream and other green tea flavored foods
  • Have a pot of tea
  • Buy goodies for the folks back home

When you hop off the bus, you’ll immediately be greeted by a souvenir shop and cafe. There are four or five of these as you head up to the hills. The real reason to stop here is for the green tea ice cream! This was some of the best I’ve had in Korea, although Baskin Robbins is still a close second( psst…the best tea ice cream I’ve had was in Kyoto).




We found Narnia.





Diana found Fool’s Gold along the pathway of the tea fields. We’re rich, we’re rich!


It’s a good hike up to the top of the fields, but it’s worth the view. You can see the ocean beyond the mountains, and the surrounding fields.



Ajummas taking a break from picking tea leaves.

Green Tea Lunch

After our hike, we stopped by the gift shop for some quick browsing. The shop sells powdered green tea, loose leaf, tea bags, along with other tea related goodies. I wound up buying some powdered tea and some adorably illustrated magnets and postcards!

The gift shop also has a tea room attached, where you can sample a pot of tea and have some green tea ice cream. While we had already had a cone each, Diana and I split a soft serve and got a pot of tea.

The tea is very earthy, but I preferred the ice cream at the entrance. This sort was similar to the free frozen yogurt served at buffets. Not the best.


Afterwards, we headed to ‘Heaven’ for some green tea samgyeopsal(pork belly). EVERYTHING is green tea flavored at the fields. Even the rice that accompanied the meal had green tea in it!


That last photo? That’s the fat drippings from green tea meat. Feast your eyes!

After the meal, it was time to head back to Gwangju, where we were staying for the night. If you are nearby on the west coast, this is an easy day trip; but for someone coming from the east, as Daegu is, I’d recommend staying in Gwangju. Eight hours combined on buses is not something I’d wish on anyone.

I hope you can make it to the tea fields if you’re in Korea. The views alone are worth the trip!


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