Pottery Painting in Daegu

It’s certainly been a long time! Sorry for the silence. We’ve had English summer camps to prepare for and execute, along with my upcoming travels next week to prepare for. It’s a difficult thing to balance-dreams and the present.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post! In June, I had the opportunity to revisit a pottery studio in Daegu. Originally, I had gone last October to paint a tea cup and saucer as a gift. This time, two art-loving friends were visiting from the other side of Korea, and I knew they’d love a chance to paint their own mugs!


Back in October, with the co teacher who introduced me to the studio

The owner is a lovely woman who let us sit there for nearly the whole day painting. On my original visit, she had been just as welcoming. She offered us as much time as needed and offered me some mandarin oranges as a snack. She also helped with technique and advice about which stain would bake best. I’m no potter, so this was immensely helpful!

The owner sells her own creations at the studio along with unglazed pottery for customers to paint. The cost of the unglazed pottery, access to the studio and supplies, and kiln-firing is about 20,000 won(18 USD) per piece. Very reasonable considering how much we got!


Illu Deco Studio is located in Igok-dong, on line 2. Seongseo Industrial Plaza is the closest subway stop to the studio.

2016-08-07 10.34.07

Address: Daegu-gwangyeokshi Dalseo-gu Igok Gongwon-ro 1 angil 17



There was a bit of drama halfway through-I swiped my hand over the top of the plate! The stain dries as a powder, which meant I was out of luck. I had to repaint the whole thing. Oh well. Practice makes perfect.

I didn’t have enough time to finish both the plate I made and the spice jar I’d selected. Fortunately, the owner let me return next weekend for no extra charge and paint the jar. Super sweet of her!


After we had finished, the pottery was left at the studio to dry. When the woman who owns the studio has enough pieces to fire up the kiln, she bakes them. This took about three weeks; at which point, I went to pick them up.

I really recommend this place if you’re in Daegu and would like an artsy day out! Plus, you have a nice memory to take home at the end of the day.