I’m Meg, or Megan, depending on who you’re asking.  When I’m not teaching English in Daegu, South Korea, you can find me writing, illustrating, or sewing.  This blog documents both my journey in “The Land of the Morning Calm”, and the life that I am building there.  Expect travel, sewing, decorating, and art related posts.

The story so far:

In November of 2013, I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico (the home of Breaking Bad and green chile).  It was time to move on with my life, and I was having a difficult time choosing a place to settle.  Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, and Indianapolis came up as possible options.

One night after a long day at work, my mom offhandedly suggested teaching English overseas.  Why not?  I’m a children’s book author and illustrator, so the idea isn’t entirely out of left field.  Working with kids makes sense.  Plus, I’ll look very interesting on paper. Surely publishers would love to work with a writer who has taught overseas. Right?

With these ideas bubbling in my head, I set out on the internet to find a country.  I initially looked at Europe.  I have family there, and that safety net made the whole moving overseas thing seem a little less crazy.  Unfortunately for me,  most Scandinavian countries seem to speak English better than most. Unless I had my Phd in English, there were no jobs available.

Portugal and Spain were two of the few European countries hiring Bachelors degrees.  Maybe later.  I’m not a sun bunny.

I switched my search to the other side of the world.  There were plenty of English jobs in Asia.  China, Japan, and Korea flew to the top of my list very quickly.  I knew others who had travelled to China and Japan.  They had all loved it.  And maybe if I were more of a follower, I would have gone with one of those two great places.


No one I knew had gone to Korea.  The rebel in me liked the idea of taking the road less travelled.  The further I dug, the more Korea appealed to me.  An education system that kept topping the charts(along with Finland), beautiful mountains, a great mass transit system.  Sign me up!

It didn’t hurt that EPIK (English Program in Korea) paid for the teacher’s apartment, and allowed for weekends off.  I know that seems very obvious, but I’ve heard horror stories of hagwons, or study schools, having very odd hours.

So here I am.  Moving to Daegu, South Korea.  This is a long journey, but I don’t regret it for an instant.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog, Megan, and fantastic daily adventures. Thanks so much for sharing. And glad you’ve got a wonderful sense of ease about things, even when things are confusing or out of your comfort zone.


    • Thanks Cora! I hope to have more adventures this year. There is a lot to explore in Korea, and Japan and China are not too far away. I figure that worrying about my situation won’t improve it. It is best to adapt!


  2. Hello! I just talked to Erica in the States and she mentioned that she had another friend in Daegu from NM. 😀 Well what a coincidence! I just arrived a little over a week ago… Your blog is awesome and you have a lot of great information. I would love to talk to you more about your experiences! If you have a facebook account, you can add me there. Take care!




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