Whole30 in Korea: Convenience Stores

I’m sorry to say that most street food is out on the whole30.  Good bye odeng, bungeoppang, and hoddeok.  I’ll miss you!
On the upside, convenience stores are everywhere,  and you can find some whole30 friendly options there.

This is the logo you’re looking for.

Stop in your local CU, 7 11, GS 25, or one of the many other convenience stores in Korea. Seriously, these places are extremely prevalent.


Korea loves it’s hard boiled  and baked eggs. These are eaten in saunas, or jimjilbangs, so there’s a bit of nostalgia attached to it. Continue reading


Whole30 in Korea

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Warning: This has nothing to do with travel, and everything to do with living healthy in a foreign country. Oh, and weight loss.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Whole30?   I first read about it on the blogosphere before I came to Korea. Basically, you can eat fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and eggs(and drink coffee and tea without sweetener or milk). That’s it. It’s the sort of eating plan that is easier to explain by what’s allowable than what isn’t.

Ick, I thought. No one can live without peanut butter, milk, or toast. Especially not a girl who eats peanut butter toast with a pot of coffee every morning for breakfast. That’s right, pot, not cup.

Fast forward to around May of last year,  and I was in very poor shape. Too many green tea lattes and cream cheese pretzels had caught up with me.  I had gained about ten pounds since I landed in Korea. Worse still, my skin was itching.

I gave the whole30 a shot, and my acne and itchiness went away.  It was awesome. Turns out, I probably have a milk allergy!

And while you are not supposed to count calories or step on a scale while on the whole30, I did start trimming down.  In fact, from June to August I lost twenty pounds!  I’m now at the lowest I’ve weighed since middle school. Crazy.

You want proof?


This is me in June, 2015. Not feeling so healthy here.


And this is me in December of 2015. Feeling much better, although I’ve slipped. Honestly, I can’t really see a difference, but I have gone down two dress sizes.

But wait! Things have taken a turn for the worse. Oh, the drama.

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